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Ammil Best IQOS Heets Dimensions

A special edition version of Ammil Dimensions Label HEETS is available in Dubai. You'll be amazed by this superb tobacco mix, which is of the highest caliber. René Soffner and Juan Amador, two taste specialists, developed the flavor. When you take your initial puff, you'll notice a slight woodiness. It will eventually leave behind smoky, spicy flavors with silky, creamy undertones. Several former smokers who now adore Heets recommend this flavor. What Is It Made Of.
  • The single pack contains 20 sticks.
  • You will get around 0.5 gm of nicotine from one stick.
  • The number of puffs you can inhale is 14.
  • You can easily enjoy 6 minutes session from one heet. The block contains 200 heets sticks