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IQOS Heets Creation Apricity Russian Edition

The universe of tastes is explored in HEETS Creations. Four new blends made by true professionals. Discover new dimensions of tastes and feelings with IQOS. There are four distinct types of HEETS Creations heatsticks: Apricity(Blend with woody and fruity flavors, culminating with a silky creamy finish) (Blend with woody and fruity notes, ending with a velvety creamy finish.) Noor(Elegant blend with a toasty nutty flavor and delicate citrus and fruity undertones) (Elegant blend with a warm nutty flavor and delicate citrus and fruity notes.) Yugen(A wonderful blend of fruity&berry notes and flowery fragrances with a concluding fresh chord) (A delightful combination of fruity&berry notes and floral aromas with a final fresh chord.) 20 HEETS in 10 packets (In total 200 sticks)As a result, the levels of toxicity and hazardous chemicals present in tobacco IQOS vapor are on average reduced by 90% to 95% when compared to smoke from cigarettes.